Your thin is in your thinking

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According to Melanie Shmois, of Mind Your Strength Coaching, the ability to shed pounds is all in your head. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Laura Briedis

When Melanie Shmois walked over hot coals at motivational guru Tony Robbins’ wellness retreat, she experienced firsthand the power of the mind.

Now, several decades later, armed with a master’s degree from Case Western Reserve University, a bachelor’s degree in sociology from John Carroll University and years of experience working in a veterans’ hospital psychiatric unit, she is teaching others how to use their minds to overcome any obstacle.

Owner of Mind Your Strength Coaching in Avon Lake, Melanie is helping clients be happier and healthier. As a certified life and weight coach, she is teaching clients how to lose weight by building mental strength.

“I am passionate about helping people lose weight,” she says.

“I struggled with my weight growing up and did not know how to shed the pounds the right way, until I found a life coach who helped me lose 50 pounds. I had such a positive experience that it motivated me to become a coach and help others. There are many life coaches in New York and California but few in our area, so I wanted to open a boutique coaching company here.”

A fitness enthusiast who has run half marathons and frequents indoor spinning studios, she says there is more to losing weight than just exercising and eating healthy.

“Your thin is in your thinking,” she comments, advocating that you should exercise but there is no need for punishing workouts you don’t enjoy.

“You need to manage your mind and learn how to deal with negative emotions, like feeling deprived or hungry. Instead of eating when you feel this way, I teach people how to feel these negative emotions and work through them.”

The skills you learn to lose weight can apply to other things, such as achieving more fulfilling relationships, managing anxiety, improving self-esteem, overcoming public speaking fears and doing something you’ve always wanted to do. To achieve fulfillment, Melanie helps men and women establish goals for the year, both professionally and personally.

“Our brain is the most powerful tool on the planet,” she says. “Train your mind as hard as you train your body to take control of your emotional life.”

Melanie offers six- and 12-week individual or group coaching sessions. These weekly coaching sessions can take place at her Avon Lake office, in your home or business, or virtually online, as she has clients throughout the United States.

As a busy mother of two young daughters and an entrepreneur, she knows personally how easy it is to get overwhelmed and stressed out by all the demands.

“When life gets really stormy, you need positive thoughts that anchor you,” she says. “Your ability to deal with discomfort is what evolves you.”

Schedule a free mini consultation session by calling 216-225-8602. The office is located at 223 Miller Road in Avon Lake. For more information, check out and watch video testimonials to see how Melanie helps clients.