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Mentor High School's long-jump standout Paige Floriea is unstoppable

To win a state championship in track and field, it takes raw talent, tireless training and the uncanny ability to perform under high-stakes pressure. A little superstition doesn’t hurt, either. Last May at the 2019 OHSAA Division 1 State Championship in Columbus, Mentor High School long-jump standout Paige Floriea followed her superstition...

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Outpatient joint replacement is now an option at Precision Orthopaedic Specialties

As the pain in Patricia Armfelt’s knees began to worsen over the years, she saw the number of steps each day recorded on her Fitbit dwindle, hitting a low of 2,500 steps. Although she always tried to stay physically active, the discomfort began to affect her daily life, limiting her to only short walks. She was unable to stand for more than...

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Should you go on Medicare?

Not only are people living longer these days, they’re also working longer. Whether stemming from a desire to stay active and engaged, or out of financial necessity, more and more people over the age of 65 are choosing to remain in the workforce. And while continuing to work, they’re also taking part in their employer-sponsored benefits...

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The memory mushroom

An area of great interest for many of us is the growing research into nootropics—the class of medicines, supplements and other substances that may improve cognitive function, including memory. I’d like to discuss one of these substances, a medicinal mushroom that, according to research, contains bioactive substances that may protect...

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The team at Williams Landscaping & Pavers goes above and beyond to create extraordinary outdoor designs

Williams Landscaping & Pavers values leadership. Having the right leaders in the right position is first and foremost essential to their success. When owner Brian Williams and his team arrive to a client’s project, it’s to do more than just a job. As true professionals, they focus on giving their best performance in order to further enhance...

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