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Would you want to live to 150?

Last year, Harvard researchers reported they have “turned back the clock” on laboratory mice by altering the epigenome (the molecules that switch DNA on and off). This finding means we may one...

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Docs should take time to listen

Medical doctors often don’t like to have their opinions questioned. That’s why some would rather you not search the internet and arrive at their office with a ton of research and...

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Take this venous health quiz

Venous disease is a common condition affecting more than 30 million Americans. However, many people are not being treated because they haven’t been properly diagnosed or blame their symptoms on...

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Venous disease and inflammation

The classic symptoms of venous disease—including varicose veins—are leg swelling, fatigue, and achiness, as well as skin discoloration and ulcers if left untreated. These symptoms are...

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Start vein treatments in January

When we experience leg achiness, fatigue or swelling, we often blame the clock. “I’m just getting older,” we say. “This is just how it is.” But this is not just how it is. These...

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