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Managing at home just got a little easier

In the words of Dorothy, “there’s no place like home.” No one understands this sentiment better than the elderly faced with leaving their homes when staying becomes unmanageable. Jennifer Patronis started Better at Home home care in 2016 with the goal of providing professional, compassionate personal care and assistance so people can stay...

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Here’s why physical therapy should be your first option for treating carpal tunnel syndrome

When people feel wrist pain, they may assume it’s something bad, like carpal tunnel. The fact of the matter is, we all have a carpal tunnel—it’s the space within our wrist where veins, nerves and tendons travel from the forearm to the hand. Because of the complex nature of the wrist and hand, this tunnel can easily become compressed...

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Did Mark B. of Mentor stay in the home he remodeled with input from Platinum Real Estate, or put it on the market?

Last month, Mimi put her own special spin on the HGTV show Love it or List it. For those who missed the stories…Mimi and her team introduced to you Mark B. of Mentor. His predicament: Should he flip the home he was living in and move into a new home (leave it), or stay in the home he had extensively renovated (love it)?...

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Crossroads Health offers early intervention for children with developmental delays or mental health issues

With suspected developmental delays or mental health issues in babies, toddlers and children, the earlier clinical intervention and prevention takes place, the better the outcomes. In Lake County, Crossroads Health early childhood services provides professional developmental evaluation and assessment of children with challenges and offers...

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What would happen if you weren’t around to support your family?

It’s easy to forget about our need for health, dental and vision insurance until something forces us to think about it, like an annual check-up, an ache or pain, or even an injury or surgery. The start of the new year is a perfect time to take a minute to consider how we’re covered. We all know there are no guarantees in life, but during...

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