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Celebrating its 75th anniversary, R.J. Heating & Cooling has built a successful business by offering reasonable pricing and doing quality work

As R.J. Heating & Cooling is expanding its footprint farther south, area residents are seeing its recognizable yellow and white vans around town while technicians are installing and servicing air...

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Mead is making a comeback

Many of us are looking forward to weddings again this spring. And plans are also being made for honeymoons. The role that wine plays in weddings has quite a history. “The term ‘honeymoon’...

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Getting a natural energy boost

Life is busy. All of us need a little energy boost from time to time. While the shelves are packed with energy drinks, most can be summed up with just a few ingredients: isolated caffeine, sugar,...

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Membership is back at The Shaw JCC, just in time for pool season

The team at The Shaw JCC of Akron is looking forward to Saturday, May 29, when they open the outdoor pool and kick off the center’s summer activities. “After having to cancel last year due...

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Proper Access has warning for gamers

Hackers aren’t picky. They’re just looking for the path of least resistance—and video game consoles provide the sweet spot they need to access sensitive information. While you’re in the...

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