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Jackie Klemenc is offering the best deals on travel—right now

If peeking out the window to a bleak and dreary winterscape is giving you a toxic dose of cabin fever, I have the ultimate antidote: planning an escape to sunnier locales. There’s a reason why...

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From Disney cruises and private islands to Sandals all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, local travel guru Jackie Klemenc can help you plan the perfect getaway for you and your family

Have the cabin-fever wintertime blues got you looking out the window dreaming of escape? Want to trade in your snowbrush for flip-flops? Escape is my specialty. I’ve helped my clients craft...

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This year, give them something unforgettable with the gift of Disney

In the wake of the pandemic, people are valuing experiences over material goods. That’s made an impact on the gifts we’re giving. Meaning is, well, more meaningful than ever. This year,...

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Here’s how Jackie Klemenc can maximize your Disney experience

With the kids back in school, this time of year isn’t a popular vacation season, but it’s actually crazy-busy for me. People are already planning next year’s trips. Over the past year,...

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Here’s how Jackie Klemenc uncovers all your Disney wishes

As an editor at Mimi magazine, Todd Stumpf manages a massive amount of content, making sure it’s all in pristine condition—no typos or dangling participles allowed—before the...

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