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Here’s how En Garde Deer Defense can help you stop the damage from deer and send them back into their natural habitats

Deer damage is nearing its peak because area does are now pregnant with their spring fawns. That may be good news for the deer, but bad news for your landscaping. “When female deer are pregnant, they are extra hungry because they need to provide nutrition for themselves and the fawn(s) they are carrying,” explains Jeff Ardo, founder of En...

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A Final Thought: Bogart Was A Good Dog

For many years we’ve had a dog named Bogart and a cat named Bacall. If you are of a certain age, I need not explain these names to you. The cat is benign, one of a rescue litter my wife and daughter bottle fed several times a day for four weeks after the mother was killed. I don’t see Bacall often. She is largely invisible. Friends have...

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Enjoy elegant bar food and handcrafted cocktails while watching overhead as planes arrive and depart from CLE at The Aviator's Rooftop Bar & Lounge

Here in Northeast Ohio, we love dining outside. Our winters are long and gray, our summers short and sweet, so every moment we spend outdoors is cherished, especially enjoying a cocktail and a fun meal with friends and family. This summer, one of the most popular outdoor hotspots is The Rooftop Bar & Lounge above The Aviator, the region’s...

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British family physician Richard Berry, MD—now living in Northeast Ohio—embraces his own brand of patient-focused health care

Richard Berry, MD, is not your typical area physician. You understand this right away thanks to his pleasant British accent. Not that posh, stiff-upper-lip King Charles accent, but the charming, “meet-me-at-the-pub-for-a-pint” British accent. Second, you’ll notice his down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is style. That makes sense considering...

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Here’s how sitting down with father-son duo Bill and Brody Fiesler can help you enjoy gains associated with the market but be protected from losses

Every few days another postcard arrives in my mailbox from a financial planner inviting me to an event to discuss my retirement savings. These mailers started when I turned 50, and now in my 60s, they’re even more prevalent. I don’t mind. It’s nice to know so many people are interested in my financial security. The truth is, on some...

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