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A Final Thought: You Should Write a Book

In July, my sister and brother-in-law drove from their home in Traverse City, Michigan, back to our hometown of Columbus, Georgia. My brother-in-law was a high school band director for 40 years and they were attending a reunion of his former students. While there, they had lunch in Phenix City, Alabama, with my 88-year-old Uncle Ray, who...

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The local, family-owned Handy Rents is celebrating its diamond anniversary helping contractors and homeowners access the tools and equipment they need to get the job done right

Given that 20 percent of businesses fail within the first two years, and only 5 percent make it to 30 years, achieving 60 years is a milestone indeed. That’s the case with the locally-owned tool rental company Handy Rents, which this year is celebrating its diamond anniversary. The firm hasn’t just survived, it’s thrived, growing over...

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The annual ritual of back-to-school shopping at Lucky Shoes is making a comeback thanks to smart moms who care—and grandmothers

When I was a kid, back-to-school shoe shopping was an annual ritual. At age 10, having an adult expert focus exclusively on me and my needs made me feel special. After trying on several pairs, I’d choose one and insist on wearing the shoes out of the store, my old shoes placed neatly into the box the new shoes came in. Once home, I’d run...

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Here’s how En Garde Deer Defense can help you stop the damage from deer and send them back into their natural habitats

Deer damage is nearing its peak because area does are now pregnant with their spring fawns. That may be good news for the deer, but bad news for your landscaping. “When female deer are pregnant, they are extra hungry because they need to provide nutrition for themselves and the fawn(s) they are carrying,” explains Jeff Ardo, founder of En...

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A Final Thought: Bogart Was A Good Dog

For many years we’ve had a dog named Bogart and a cat named Bacall. If you are of a certain age, I need not explain these names to you. The cat is benign, one of a rescue litter my wife and daughter bottle fed several times a day for four weeks after the mother was killed. I don’t see Bacall often. She is largely invisible. Friends have...

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