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En Garde Defense can help you stop damage to your landscaping and send deer back into their natural habitats

Deer damage is nearing its peak because area does are now pregnant with their fawns. That may be good news for the deer, but bad news for your landscaping. “When female deer are pregnant, they are extra hungry because they need to provide nutrition for themselves and the fawn(s) they are carrying,” explains Jeff Ardo, founder of En Garde...

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A Final Thought: A Father’s Day Takeover

Editor’s note: Mitch’s youngest daughter Kat is the author of this month’s column. I am free-spirited. I’ve always been the one with a heart a tad too big for her body, and I’m told I feel things differently than most. For half of my life, I tried to change this sensitivity. I wanted to toughen up, to be the strong one, not...

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Summer at Chowder House!

The joys of visiting East Coast towns—from Florida to Maine—include the many seafood restaurants. We don’t have that luxury here in Northeast Ohio, where sports bars proliferate, and fresh seafood houses are a rarity. One such gem is Chowder House Café, once located in Cuyahoga Falls and now delightfully at home in Akron’s...

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20 years of Mimi

This month marks the 20th anniversary of Mimi’s first edition, which published on June 10, 2003. The cover featured the late Dominic Cerino, grandson of Carrie Cerino and co-owner of her namesake restaurant in North Royalton. He was photographed by longtime Mimi photographer Benjamin Margalit as the smiling restaurateur stood over a delivery of...

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A Final Thought: I Really Don’t Know Clouds At All

By the time you read this sometime in mid-May, I hope we will have experienced relief from the constant rain. But for now, here in early May, I have decided to build an ark, assuming I can find a place to construct it where it will not sink into Northeast Ohio’s soggy loam. By comparison, my wife and I spent a few days at the end of April in...

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