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A Final Thought: Sometimes there are no words

Last month—on August 19—my wife and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. That sounds like a long time, but it’s not. Thirty-five years is the blink of an eye. Of course,...

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Here’s why Roofsmith Restoration is one of the top-ranked contractors—in America

When Roofsmith Restoration founder Mike Farist isn’t crawling around on a roof inspecting shingles, you might find him on the phone helping with an insurance adjuster or at the post office mailing...

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Here’s how Rabbi Rosette Barron Haim’s new holiday subscription series is reconnecting people to the Jewish community

Lately, there’s been plenty of new research into what it takes to live a long, healthy and happy life. And the findings are clear: people with strong social relationships enjoy a greater quality...

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A Final Thought: Six reasons why fall's the worst season

This is the time when many people in Northeast Ohio start rushing the onset of fall. Well, not me. I’m not a big fan of autumn. Why? I’m so glad you asked: Fall SpicesThere’s a difference...

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Here’s how Mentor’s Center for Advanced Vein Care can help you improve your life—by improving your legs

Each summer, most of us intend to be active, including hiking, walking on the beach, and keeping up with our kids or grandkids at Cedar Point. But by summer’s end, many of us discover that we’ve...

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