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The end of gutter cleaning

It may be hard to imagine, but in a few short weeks Cleveland Browns preseason football will begin along with the rumbling of school buses going down our streets. That means now is the time to make sure your gutter system can handle late-summer storms and be protected from upcoming fall leaves. Here in Northeast Ohio, The Gutter Boys is a...

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A Final Thought: A Conversation With My Grandson

“Poppy, when are my mommy and daddy coming home?” “Next Wednesday. They went to Montana to spread your Grandpa John’s ashes in Glacier National Park.” “I know. He passed away when I was a baby. Poppy, do you miss your father?” “Yes, I do. Every day.” “When did he die?” “Back in...

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Whether it’s lunch, dinner or weekend brunch, the new The Aviator Pub is redefining the Cleveland dining scene

Most people know by now the former 100th Bomb Group location overlooking Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has been transformed into The Aviator Event Center & Pub, a stunning new venue that has already hosted some of Northeast Ohio’s most extravagant weddings. But what you may not know is the venue is also home to a restaurant known...

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Desiging your own healing garden

I first wrote about landscape designer Michelle Riley back in the spring of 2019 when my wife and I lost three massive spruce trees to disease and needed help designing a garden to fill the large, empty bed. Michelle put together a creative plan that included many different plant species along with details about the proper care of each. But...

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Keeping your gutters clean can be a real challenge, but The Gutter Boys can keep your gutter system flowing freely

Unless you’re a meteorologist, you probably don’t think much about how Lake Erie affects Northeast Ohio weather. It does so in two big ways. First, because the lake warms and cools more slowly than the land, it delays spring and fall. That’s one reason why late April can be so cold and early October can be so warm. Second, Lake Erie...

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