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A Final Thought: Ode to Mid-March

Distant treetops wave their bare branches in a stiff March breeze, a thousand scolding fingers admonishing the young god Helios. He has failed again to bring the sun across the sky in his golden chariot— no match for the thick, late-winter clouds of Northeast Ohio. Months of trash tossed from our vehicles reappears beneath melting...

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The Gutter Boys preordered more than 100 miles of Valor’s exclusive micro-mesh gutter guards at last year’s prices, meaning greater value and shorter wait times for Northeast Ohio homeowners

It’s no secret that many manufacturing materials are in short supply right now, and orders are backing up. Jobs are being delayed, postponed or outright cancelled. Home improvement contractors are being forced to tell homeowners it could be weeks or months before their projects can be completed. Anticipating just such a scenario, The Gutters...

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Here’s how Pristine Clean ensures every power washing job is safe and effective

When it comes to pressure washing your home, there are many good reasons to choose an experienced, reputable company, but one reason stands out: safety. Each year thousands of people find themselves in the emergency room after being injured by a pressure washer. That’s because the PSI of many machines is set so high it can lacerate human...

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Northeast Ohio cardiologist Dr. Terry Gordon’s new book reveals powerful lessons about the immortal nature of life...and the illusion death

When I picked up Dr. Terry Gordon’s new book No Beginning…No End: A Cardiologist Discovers There Is No Such Thing As Death, I assumed it would be an effort to convince the reader of the existence of an afterlife, perhaps using Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence as a evidence of the soul’s immortality. Yes, there is a bit of that,...

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Goodyear CIO Sherry Neubert is out to save your life, but this time it has nothing to do with tires

Sherry Neubert’s family medical history reads like a Charles Dickens novel: It is the best of times; it is the worst of times. On her father’s side are centenarians; Sherry has attended many family birthday celebrations featuring 100 candles on the cake. On her mother’s side the news is not so good; she has attended many funerals of...

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