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“We provide a fun and friendly shopping experience with an impressive selection of spirits.” —Harshna Patel, co-owner, Shoregate Beverage & Liquor Store

Offering an endless selection of all manner of spirits…wine, beer, craft beer and liquor, Shoregate Beverage & Liquor Store is one of the largest beverage stores and providers of party services in Lake County.

The vast selection includes:
• thousands of bottles of wine from all over the world at every price point
• an ever-changing lineup of beers: seasonal, flavored, local, domestic and imported
• liquors—from trendy flavored varieties to top-shelf brands—to blend in hand-crafted cocktails or sip straight-up

A staple in Willowick since the 1950s, Shoregate Beverage is now owned by the Patel family. Their passion for excellence led them to take it to the next level, moving into a larger facility and greatly expanding the selection.

The neighborhood superstore matches the charming architecture of the area, with stacked stone walls and white pillars on the exterior to add a sophisticated touch.

Inside, the bright, wide-open space features banks of windows and plenty of cozy nooks, such as a charming wine cellar and beer growler station that lend a unique shopping experience.

Connecting to the Customer
The friendly staff constantly educates itself about the industry, so it can provide a superior and personal level of customer service. They enjoy getting people to try new things via in-store tastings and special samplings.

Forging relationships with people in the area, the staff is always listening to the customers, then guiding and recommending the perfect beverage for them, whether it's for an everyday beer, wine for a special occasion, or beverage service for events.

From an intimate wine dinner to a party with hundreds of people, Shoregate Beverage has a reputation for helping customers plan the beverage component to any party. Within a week’s notice, these experts can put together a beautiful selection of spirits, even delivering it to the affair and setting up.

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