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According to owner, Jeanne Hall, “The most common question I get when I talk to someone about the Harmonic Egg is, ‘How can this egg-shaped chamber help people recover from so many different ailments?’”

She has the answer with these four points.

1. Vibrational Energy
Every thought, feeling and emotion creates waves of energy that travel through time, space and physicality. You’ve heard “like attracts like,” which is resonance in action. What we send out to the universe, positive or negative, is attracted back to us. Our intention is powerful.

2. Sound
The most elemental state of vibration. When sound waves are applied to the body, the cells, organs and tissue absorb this energy, thereby harmonizing with and changing their frequencies.

3. Color and Light
Light nourishes our bodies, and stimulates and supports our endocrine systems, organs and immune systems. Light is essential to our health and well-being. Color can instantly affect a person’s mood and subconscious programming. This translates to positive effects on physical health through the release of chemicals and enzymes.

4. Sacred Geometry
Dating back more than 12,000 years, sacred geometry plays a pivotal role in intertwining with frequencies of light, color and sound to create the perfect space for healing. It brings about healing by harmonizing and rebalancing, elevating us to a higher consciousness. Also referred to as the “architecture of the universe,” sacred geometry is seen in flowers, beehives, snowflakes, the galaxy we spiral within and the molecules of our DNA.

If you’re interested in managing your health through a holistic approach, then we are here to help you. During this time of the year, we know commitment is key to getting life-changing results. We make it easy and affordable to aim for your health goals all year long by offering specially priced packages and memberships with additional perks to keep your well-being progressing.

What we offer:
• Harmonic Egg Therapy
• Quantum Biofeedback Therapy
• Biofeedback Devices
• inLIght Therapy
• inLight Devices