Healthy Attractions

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“The bottom line is that there are hundreds of diet programs out there, but if any of them worked on a long-term basis, we would all be thin. The body follows what the mindset tells it. I coach people to a place where they can achieve their optimum wellness on a sustainable basis for the rest of their lives.” —Heather Kuchar, Owner

Healthy Attractions provides the system, support and accountability to affect lasting change in your life. The result is weight loss, energy gain and positive long-term transformation.

With more than 25 years in the health and wellness industry, working with national weight loss companies, Heather Kuchar naturally transitioned to become a certified wellness coach to help people stay motivated for lasting results.

The Initial Consultation
Through an extensive evaluation, Heather will help pinpoint what has been stopping you from achieving your health and weight loss goals. Together you will identify the foods and lifestyle habits that are bringing you down.

You’ll take stock in all aspects of your life, from career to health. Then you’ll be presented with a step-by-step program to transform your life in a lasting way.

To gain a clear picture of your health, you’ll also be monitored by a Tanita scale, which measures everything from the amount of fat you’re storing to how hydrated you are. It even calculates your metabolic age. These metrics will be used going forward to gauge your progress.

Choose from Three Programs
For a total life transformation and weight loss journey, the 90-Day Program includes 12 one-on-one coaching sessions that range from How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself, to Finding the Parts of You that Need to be Nourished, and How to Mentally Rehearse for Success. She also offers a Self-Discovery Program that lasts six weeks.

To reset your nutritional health, blast bloating, boost energy and clear your foggy brain, Heather offers the Two-Week Detox. Through a step-by-step food plan, and four coaching sessions with her, people eat clean for 14 days and cleanse toxins from the body. The effect is to “switch on” the body’s metabolism and natural healing abilities.

Mind-Body Connection
Heather is a certified yoga instructor, and while working with her, you are free to attend yoga classes, or even just make an appointment to chill in the beautiful yoga studio at Healthy Attractions and meditate, whether by yourself or through guided meditation with her.

Healthful Supplements
Heather also specializes in creating the ideal combination of all-natural supplements—loaded with the specific minerals, vitamins, probiotics and antioxidants your body needs—to benefit your overall health.