HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Kathy Carvin

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“The good news is, there is no cost to have me review your healthcare status. The better news is, I could end up saving you money.” —Kathy Carvin, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

A lot of people faced with the decision about which insurance product to choose, whether for Medicare or the ACA, struggle to navigate the mountain of information available to them.

“Because they don’t understand many of the details, some people are afraid to make a change and do nothing. That can be a costly decision,” Kathy says. “The reality is that healthcare plans change every year and the plan you had last year may no longer be the right fit. If you don’t know what those changes are, you could be faced with medications no longer being covered, doctors who are no longer in your plan or cost increases you didn’t realize existed.”

The silver lining is that Kathy offers her guidance free of charge.

“My focus is not on selling insurance but is instead on offering guidance,” she emphasizes. “Mine is a consultative approach. I try to maximize savings while still keeping people in the plans that best meet their needs. One of the best parts of my job is knowing that I’ve helped someone.”

Setting each person up with the plan that fits them best is the cornerstone of what she does.

“I’ve never seen two people with identical circumstances,” Kathy says. “That’s why I never take a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare coverage. I have to review each person’s situation individually, even if they’re part of a married couple.”

Kathy also notes that low-income people shouldn’t be afraid to visit HealthMarkets for guidance. “They may have access to benefits they don’t even know about,” she reveals. “Some people might end up with more money in their pocket if they qualify.”

After they’ve made their choice, Kathy makes sure to follow up with each client to make sure they’re happy with their decision. You can schedule a free review with her anytime. With Kathy’s guidance, you could end up saving a lot of money.