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Caring for seniors in an intimate, home-like setting makes Pine Hill Country Care an easy choice

When the time comes to think about assisted living, the options can be overwhelming. What’s the right choice when where you really want to be is home? Sue Lanning, owner of Pine Hill Country Care in Concord, knows the feeling and has the answer. “If it can’t be your home, it should be ours,” says Sue. “I began my...

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Mapleview Country Villa helps patients get well and get back to their lives

Anyone who has experienced unbearable pain can relate to Cheryl Noble. This past July 4, Cheryl was returning home from a trip to Belize and having significant back pain. “I’ve had back issues in the past,” says Cheryl. “I thought this was more of the same, so I wanted to see my doctor and get a cortisone shot, which has worked...

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Here’s how the team at Beachwood Commons Assisted Living helps seniors transition to the next chapter of their lives

Helen J. and her husband, Jack, moved to Beachwood Commons Assisted Living on February 15 of this year. Helen remembers because it was the day after they celebrated Valentine’s Day. A few months later, Jack passed away. Helen says she misses her husband of more than 60 years every day, but she is thankful they found Beachwood Commons. “I...

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At Salida Woods Assisted Living, residents become part of the family

In April of 1947, while U.S. Army private Joseph N. was stationed in Kyushu, Japan, he met a young Japanese woman who four years later would become his wife. Their story of what transpired in those four years has the makings of a post-WWII romance novel. Joe and his wife, Kay, shared the story when we met at Salida Woods Assisted Living in...

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Single surgery mastectomy reconstruction

Breast cancer diagnosis comes with many questions, fears and unknowns. Decisions need to be made quickly, and you often have very little information. The first question for many women is, “Where do I begin?” “Because my mother had breast cancer, I had my first mammogram at age 32,” says Mary Kohl. “So began years of...

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