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Kevin Is Always Mixing serves up perfectly prepared sweets in a grab-and-go jar

Kevin Keough, owner of Kevin is Always Mixing in Chardon, loves sweets but was having trouble finding things worth the calories. “I could never find the right thing in a bakery or on a menu that did the trick,” says Kevin. “I started baking for myself, tweaking recipes and sharing with friends and family. I started layering my...

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Hands-on Relaxation with licensed massage therapist John Fini

Ohio was recently ranked as the fifth-most stressed-out state in the country. Just one more list we don’t want to be on. However, licensed massage therapist John Fini, owner of Fini LMT, just might have the answer to relieving some of that stress. In fact, one client described a massage by John as, “a cross between feeling like you’ve...

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Unique Live Edge Tables is now featuring a stunning assortment of large custom-made dining tables

Regardless of your style, adding the natural beauty of an authentic wood table to your home décor is a popular choice these days. Unique Live Edge Tables offers a wide range of both live edge and traditional edge options in a variety of sizes, wood species and finishes. “There’s a lot of interest in larger custom-made live edge and...

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Chagrin Home Improvements can prepare your deck now for optimal seasonal enjoyment

The weather roller coaster in Northeast Ohio will soon be coming to an end. Don’t you want to be ready to get out on your deck and stay there for a while when the temperatures finally warm up and stay there? Do yourself, and your deck, a favor by getting it ready for family and friends with a deck cleaning and staining from Joe Jacobs and his...

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Transformative remodeling with a personal touch, This is David Brown Construction Co.

So, you’re going to remodel, but where do you start? Many contractors like to boast they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, and have references to support it, but a Google search of reviews often tells a different story. Now what? David Brown, a long-time contractor and the owner of David Brown Construction Co. in Willoughby,...

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