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Where do you want your remodel to take you?

When working on a home renovation, addition or new build, it’s critical to work with a team that understands your vision. And if you don’t quite have that vision, the right team should be ready to help you create it. And once it’s clear, it takes that whole team working together to bring that vision to life. “In home renovation, the...

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The Helicopter Daughter offers natural products to help you cope

Wellness is different for everyone. For some, it’s spending time outdoors, playing golf or getting exercise. Others may want to play with the grandkids or just do simple tasks pain-free. The irony is that you have to feel good to do what makes you feel good. “Feeling good, especially as we age, requires self-care,” Karen Hadden, owner of...

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Refined Aesthetics can help turn back time and erase the age with PRP

At her cosmetic treatment spa, Refined Aesthetics, Jessica Robinson, APRN, CRNA, doesn’t want to change the way you look, she wants you to look like you—only better. One way Jessica gets you that rejuvenated, healthy and glowing skin is through the platelet rich plasma (PRP) facial. If you’ve seen photos on social media, you need not...

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Join the Shaw JCC of Akron and enjoy an all-access experience for just $20.23 your first month

How does $20.23 sound for one month of full access for you and your family to all the workout facilities, classes, personal training, activities and wellness programming that the Shaw JCC of Akron has to offer? If you sign up during the month of January, that’s exactly what you’ll get. “This is a lower rate than our lowest-priced...

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Non-alcoholic wine & your health

If you’re deep into your own “Dry January” challenge, how’s it going so far? Last month, we suggested that non-alcoholic (NA) wines might be a way to still enjoy the taste of wine while remaining technically “dry.” As you sip on your soft beverage of choice, here are a few interesting facts about NA wines, courtesy of Jim Sperk of...

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