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Attention contractors: Here’s how to get the equipment you need and reduce your tax burden with the Section 179 deduction

For small business owners, the IRS’s Section 179 deduction is one of the most important tax codes to be familiar with. It lets you deduct in the current year the cost of equipment purchased or financed and put into place before December 31, 2022. And for contractors, that includes all the equipment you need to become more efficient, like...

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Here’s why socialization is so important to the health and well-being of our seniors

Since the phrase “social distancing” entered the vernacular in 2020, much research has been done to determine its effects. It turns out the virus itself has not been the only cause of illness. So has our isolation, which has resulted in dramatically increased rates of many diseases. But isolation is nothing new to scientists studying...

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Overthrow the overflow: Protect your home’s foundation and avoid a damp or flooded basement

September was a rainy month, and when it rains, the phone at the locally owned The Gutter Boys starts ringing. “People don’t often think about their gutter system until they’re home during a rainstorm, and they see first-hand the water overflowing their gutters and seeping into their basements,” says company founder Anthony Alberino...

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A Final Thought: Well, Isn’t Fall Sweet

The day before this column was due to our production department, a co-worker told me, “Be sure you don’t write about how much you dislike fall.” I replied, “How did you know I was going to do that?” It turns out everyone knows I hate fall. But first, you have to understand what a strong statement that is. In our family, we...

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ABC Equipment Rental & Sales sells and rents almost anything a professional contractor or industrious homeowner needs

The delays that hounded the construction equipment industry in 2021 have continued this year, so according to Alan Zatik, “If you want your equipment by the end of the year, you better order it now.” Alan owns ABC Equipment Rental & Sales in Brunswick and Avon, along with co-owner Jamie Terpay, and thanks to strong relationships with...

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