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Now is a perfect time to have Titan Arbor Care assess and tend to the trees in your yard

Autumn is fast approaching, bringing an all-too-brief respite from summer’s heat. Still, it’s wise to take a page from the Farmers’ Almanac and remember: “You may delay, but time will not.” Winter’s blistering cold won’t be far behind. The almanac’s recently released extended weather forecast for Ohio projects a...

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More than 800 Google reviews later, and Bath R Us customers have no regrets

It took barely a day for Seinfeld’s George Costanza to regret his marriage proposal to Susan Ross. White Sox third baseman Robin Ventura probably experienced instant regret after charging the mound after getting beaned by Nolan Ryan. The flurry of facial blows Ryan delivered may have hurt more than the fastball to his elbow. You may have one...

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Life insurance living benefits

Most people understand life insurance to be a financial tool that protects their loved ones when they pass away, providing needed funds for bills, college and more. What they may not realize is that life insurance can also be a vital resource to help support the policy holder while he or she is still alive. By choosing a policy with a living...

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Primary Home Improvements now offers an innovative way to cover concrete while adding beauty and value

Do you have a basement or garage floor that is cracked, stained or peeling? Are you worried about your family members tripping on that uneven floor or slipping in the puddled water? Would you like a low-maintenance, durable and attractive flooring option for the sunroom or covered patio? Primary Home Improvements (PHI) now offers stone epoxy...

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See how Peters Professional Landscaping can create your year-round backyard paradise with their seasoned experts when it comes to outdoor living spaces

When it comes to beautifying your home’s exterior, going with a seasoned and creative team makes the difference between ho-hum and downright spectacular. The crews from Peters Professional Landscaping are true masters of curb appeal. They’ve been there, done that over decades in the industry and have a well-earned reputation for creating...

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