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With a garage makeover from Encore Garage Ohio, you can add value to your home and reclaim usable space

When you open the garage door, it’s open for anyone passing by and, for better or worse, reflects on the rest of your home. When a passerby pauses and rummages through a stack of old books you’d...

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The certified arborists at Titan Arbor Care can prune, remove and replant trees so your yard stays looking lush

As the ground thaws, Mother Nature makes her spring rounds, enchanting the landscape to blossom and bestowing new life to all she touches. But sometimes even she needs help. Looking at the trees...

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Here’s how you can set your trees up for spring success

If you peek at your trees in February, it’s hard to visualize anything but barren branches against a white blanket of snow. While any notions of a green leafy canopy may seem distant and remote,...

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Your garage has a second act

Empty nesters, your garage as a custodian of clutter, the keeper of long-outgrown Little League gear and toys, old furniture and appliances, and who knows what else has more than served its purpose...

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With a new showroom and more than four decades of experience, David Brown Construction is a perfect choice for your next remodeling project

It pays to remember that adage, measure twice, cut once, before starting your next home remodeling project, even when you’re not doing it yourself. Before you decide which contractor makes the...

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