Licensed insurance agent Roni Bell with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can help you sort through your Medicare plan options

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Do you need help understanding your Medicare options? Licensed insurance agent Roni Bell, with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, pictured here with team members Debby Brzozowski, Dianne Mennemeyer, Barb Lichniak, and Carolyn Gruber, along with Sandy Mascio, shares the answers. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Beth Newcomb

For those who will be participating in the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, which this year runs from Sunday, October 15, until Thursday, December 7, your Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) may have provided some information regarding the costs associated with your current Medicare plan and any changes for 2024. Because Medicare plans can change, there may be a possibility, says Roni Bell, a licensed insurance agent with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, that your plan could offer different coverage for 2024.

“Since plans and costs can change each year, I believe it’s important to review and understand your current plan to ensure it meets your needs for 2024,” Roni says.

She also says that part of her personal service model is to meet with her clients one-on-one to help them understand what their current plan offers them, whether it’s still going to meet their needs moving forward, and whether there are any cost increases associated with having that plan.

Roni Bell, licensed insurance agent with HealthMarkets, offers comprehensive Medicare reviews at no cost to you. Simply call to schedule a time that works best for you.

“With each of our clients, we dive into the details of Medicare,” she shares. “The first is prescriptions. We’ll help you ensure your medications are covered and that the cost of your prescriptions meets your budget. Then we’ll talk about your provider network. We’ll help you choose a plan that includes your doctors and hospital. Finally, we’ll discuss what your plan covers, and any costs associated with the plan.”

“As a licensed insurance agent, I want to help guide you through the Medicare Advantage enrollment process and help you find a plan that fits your needs,” Roni says.

Aside from helping you with your Medicare options, there is a component to the process that only Roni can offer—her friendship.

“My focus is on the people I help,” she emphasizes. “This isn’t a transactional relationship. This is about helping people. I can work with you. I’m a resource. I’m available to you throughout the year, not just during the enrollment period.”

Roni says some clients struggle during the year to understand their plan details. She says she’s happy to help clarify things. “Medicare can be complicated or difficult to understand,” Roni notes. “You might feel like pulling your hair out. I’m here to make things easier—and to provide guidance.”

When considering which Medicare plan is best for you, Roni Bell with HealthMarkets will dive into the details of Medicare.

Meet the Team
With years of experience in the industry, Roni Bell is a licensed insurance agent who has been widely recognized for her accomplishments in the Brunswick and surrounding areas. She’s joined by fellow licensed insurance agents Debby Brzozowski and Dianne Mennemeyer, along with agent assistants Barb Lichniak, Sandy Mascio and Carolyn Gruber, in helping people find the Medicare plan that’s best for them.

“With these team members as well as the additional support in our office during the enrollment period, there is a tremendous degree of appointment flexibility,” Roni says. “And, as always, our guidance is available at no cost to you.”

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency is located at 1039 Pearl Road, in Brunswick. Call Roni at 330-225-2550. Visit the website at

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