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Amy Hoes, of eXp Realty, weighs in on the state of the Medina County real estate market

The often-quoted Chinese citation, “May you live in interesting times,” could apply to the real estate market in Northeast Ohio. While interest rates have inched up throughout 2023, home buyers have fewer homes to choose from on the market. I caught up with Amy Hoes of eXp Realty for an explanation of what that means in the short and...

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S&S Heating & Cooling wants to make sure that when the temps start to dip, you’re in the warm-up

While most of the country saw record-high temperatures and stormy weather these past few months, it was a pleasant summer in Northeast Ohio. Heading into winter, our luck may run out. According to the Farmers’ Almanac, we can expect a cold and snowy winter, with plenty of snow, sleet and ice. “We can’t control the weather outside, but we...

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The Gutter Boys can install their popular gutter guard system right now—before fall leaves can cause menacing clogs

Many kids are back in school, high school football games have started, and already some species of trees are shedding their leaves. Though it is only August, fall is here. That makes right now a good time to make sure your gutters are in good shape by cleaning them, repairing them and/or covering them. Gutter Cleaning SubscriptionOne of...

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In addition to its abundant aesthetic menu, Skin Care Solutions Elite MediSpa now offers hormone therapy and hair growth options

Known for its facial rejuvenation treatments, such as medical-grade facials, injectables and fillers, and the liquid facelift, Skin Care Solutions Elite MediSpa keeps evolving to offer wellness for the whole you. Two of its newest services added to the menu are Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy and Pellet Hormone Replacement Therapy. These...

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Here’s how Olivieri & Son can help you dry up your basement—permanently

Though the driest month in Northeast Ohio is August—where a typical day has about a 25 percent chance of precipitation—that does not mean water is not leaking into your basement. “Nobody wants to find out that their basement walls or foundation have water damage,” acknowledges Mark Olivieri, the son in Olivieri &...

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