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While holiday gifting and gatherings might look a little different this year, Miles Farmers Market is keeping things fresh

Though this holiday season will be unlike any other, with smaller family gatherings and fewer holiday parties, it is still a time when giving gifts will bring joy to those we love. Miles Farmers Market is packed with gift baskets that are a bit more meaningful—and perhaps more practical. “We can personalize baskets with the gift...

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Your dream home really can represent your vision

Cookie cutters are perfect for creating dozens of stars, trees, reindeer, angels and other holiday-themed sweets that, save for different colored sprinkles and icing, are pretty much identical. Some people like houses crafted the same way. They find a builder who has a couple standard layouts, with colors and finishes predetermined to appeal...

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The reinvigorated OsteoStrong in Chardon now offers even more health and wellness options

The newly renovated OsteoStrong studio in Chardon has expanded its wellness offerings over the past several months, augmenting the new Spectrum system to build a stronger musculoskeletal system, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and hydromassage with red light therapy and cryotherapy. “Our goal is to reverse and prevent bone loss while...

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Eliminate fat permanently with TruSculpt iD

“It’s not surgery, and it’s not a magic wand, but it will make a dramatic difference,” says Dr. Laurel Matthews, a board-certified physician and the owner of Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar. With just one 15-minute treatment, 24 percent of the fat beneath the skin immediately starts releasing itself from the body—permanently...

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Instead of taking a pain pill or getting an injection for pain, try physical therapy first

Adam Cramer, PT, DPT, founder of MyoFit physical therapy clinics, is on a mission. He hopes people will come to think of physical therapy as medicine, and stop masking their pain with pills and injections. “Pain is the body’s natural alarm system…a way of getting your attention,” he explains. “It’s human nature to simply...

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