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Warehouse clearance sale

Our annual summertime warehouse clearance sale allows us to make way for new products coming in with our fall inventory. If you’ve been thinking about new flooring, now would be an opportune time to make it happen. By offering the widest possible selection along with design inspiration and VIP customer service, my family-run business has...

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Solid or transparent? Here’s how to know which stain choice is best for your deck

During these precious outdoor months in Northeast Ohio, for many of us the deck is an extension of our home’s living space. The problem is the other months of the year take a toll on the deck’s surface and can create unsightly peeling, even moldy wood that weakens the deck and can result in expensive repairs and replacement costs. Only a...

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For women nearing the age of 50 and beyond, life changes can leave you feeling uncertain and stuck—here’s how Coach Natalie Rudd can get you back on track

Coach Natalie Rudd is a certified professional lifestyle and business coach, registered nurse and licensed minister working with clients “in their fifth decade and beyond.” They are preparing for the next chapter in life, perhaps feeling stuck between what was and what’s to come and unclear about the next step forward. “The fifth...

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The merger of Sewer Cleaning Company and Osbourn Plumbing & Heating creates a combined company that can do it all

When it comes to business mergers and acquisitions, the strategy is often to bring together two competitors to reduce competition. But sometimes the merger is designed to make two non-competitors better by allowing them to offer a fuller suite of services. It’s like bringing together French fries and ketchup, macaroni and cheese, or sweet...

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Foot fungus is one of the most difficult foot conditions to treat—Finesse Footcare produces dramatic results with Lunula lasers

It all began with a can of chili. Eleven years ago, Debby D. dropped a can of chili on her big toe. It turned black within a few days and felt loose. Then within a month, fungus set in—first on the big toe, then spreading to all the others. “My feet looked awful, so I tried covering them up with nail polish, which I found out...

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