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Toenail fungus doesn’t stand a chance against the Lunula laser

We live in a culture of instant gratification, not accustomed to waiting for much these days. However, like it or not, there are still things we don’t have the power to expediate. How fast your toenails grow is one of them. Because of this, treating issues such as toenail fungus can be a slow process, as long as six months or more. In the...

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Does your doctor have time to listen?

In traditional medicine, today’s physicians often run from exam room to exam room with little time to address the complete spectrum of a patient’s needs. The goal of this model—driven largely by Medicare and insurance companies—is to see as many patients as possible, get a specific diagnosis, and prescribe a solution, if one...

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With a warehouse packed full of inventory, a top-tier buying experience, and a selection rivaled by no other flooring company, Floorz can help you freshen your home before the holidays, beautifully

Partnerships carry with them layers of importance, most notably the sharing of investment, the bond of trust, and the commitment between participants. They aren’t just valuable…they’re sacred. Brian Erickson, owner of Northeast Ohio’s Floorz stores, with locations in Montrose, Strongsville, and a new standout in Mayfield Heights,...

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Investing in the future and getting connected with Proper Access

Getting in on the ground floor of a new venture can be exciting. Wouldn’t we all have loved to have been a part of the Microsoft launch? Or Amazon? Or any of the investment opportunities that have passed us by only to watch others cash in? Sean O’Brien I can’t promise to make you rich, but what I can promise is that you’ll be a...

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Chagrin Home Improvements can dramatically change the look of your kitchen for way less than the cost of a remodel

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the cabinets are definitely the heart of the kitchen. But cabinets are also the most expensive thing to replace when it comes time to revitalizing that well-used, well-loved space. Often the cabinets are in good condition, but the color or outdated look bothers you and it’s hard to justify the cost of...

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