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How strong is your energy?

Energy needs to flow within us, through us and around us freely if we want to remain healthy. When these energies are out of balance, disease begins. The Harmonic Egg operates energetically and harmonically at the cellular level. Intention from the client sitting in the chair plays an active role as to where the Harmonic Egg’s resonant waves...

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Here’s how Finesse Footcare is eradicating nail fungus, without drugs or cream

Once fungus infects your toenails, festering deep underneath the nail plate, it can be difficult to treat. Rather than spending time and money on over-the-counter remedies that are largely ineffective, why not consider a few painless laser treatments at Finesse Footcare in Lyndhurst? Fueled by frustration, practice founder Dr. Danielle Shaper...

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Pristine Clean is offering 20% off power washing services, including full house wash, roof cleaning, and concrete driveway washing and sealing

Pristine Clean is widely known for its professional power washing services offered at a low, upfront flat rate. The company’s “everyone-gets-the-same-good-deal” philosophy is rooted in a core value that everyone should be treated fairly, not just those willing to negotiate. Pristine Clean is offering its power washing services at the...

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The end of gutter cleaning

It may be hard to imagine, but in a few short weeks Cleveland Browns preseason football will begin along with the rumbling of school buses going down our streets. That means now is the time to make sure your gutter system can handle late-summer storms and be protected from upcoming fall leaves. Here in Northeast Ohio, The Gutter Boys is a...

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No more duck lips: The cannula lip filler method is here

We’ve all seen the results of too much lip filler gone wrong…duck lips. “Duck lips happen when filler is improperly placed with a needle in the central part of the lips and not in the corners where there is volume loss,” says Dr. Laurel Matthews, owner of Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar and a board-certified aesthetic medicine practitioner...

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