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Working with the team at Daveron Design + Build By Daveron Builders provides unprecedented access to top designers and fine craftsmanship

Some renovations, additions and homebuilding of any scope and size can be exciting, stressful, enjoyable and overwhelming all at the same time. This range of emotions can make a project worthwhile in the end—as long as you have the right people getting you across that finish line. The team at Daveron Design + Build has made its mission...

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How fascia creates chronic pain

Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds in place every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in our bodies. I like to call it the body’s “scaffolding.” But fascia does more than provide internal structure; it is a complex neurovascular network made up of connective tissue, water and nerves. As a...

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Ankle arthroscopy

We perform a minimally invasive surgical procedure known as an ankle arthroscopy. Using a tiny fiber-optic camera, we go in through miniscule incisions and examine the ankle’s tissues and structures. An eagle-eye view also allows us to repair tissue and clean out small fragments of arthritic bone, cartilage and bone spurs. These fragments...

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Dr. Laurel Matthews has just launched her own affordably-priced, non-surgical facelift

Very rarely do you hear someone say, “I can’t wait to get a facelift.” That’s because the pain, expense and recovery time are huge deterrents when the idea of turning back the hands of time starts to formulate. With the fresh launch of her Dr. Laurel’s Total Face Fix, Dr. Laurel Matthews, a board-certified physician and the owner of...

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MaxStrength’s new wellness coaching program helps people achieve the dream of optimum sleep

How did you sleep last night? I often ask this if I see a client struggling. Getting positive sleep habits and patterns in place can skyrocket your health and wellness. Sleep impacts almost every function in the body, down to the cellular level. It influences everything from your fitness level to body composition, hormones, stress levels,...

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