Correy Petz’s EverGreen Turf Solutions specializes exclusively in Northeast Ohio lawns

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It’s crucial to prepare for spring by getting on the EverGreen Turf Solutions’ schedule now—before crabgrass and other lawn invasives have a chance to germinate.

By Mimi Vanderhaven

When it comes to lawn care companies, there is a big difference between national companies and local ones. TruGreenTM*, for example, is a large, national firm with 2.3 million customers. The company’s CEO has an MBA from Harvard and previously worked for Campbell Soup and Kraft Foods.

Evergreen Turf Solutions, on the other hand, is a small, local company that visits a few thousand properties each round, including some large commercial lawns.

The founder is Correy Petz, who grew up in Strongsville and now lives in Medina county with his wife Sarah and their two sons. They raise chickens.

“Customers sometimes think we’re a national franchise because we have a nice logo, clean trucks and uniformed technicians,” Correy says. “But we’re as local as you can get.”

One important difference between EverGreen and the national firms is this team’s deep understanding of Northeast Ohio lawns.

“There’s a big difference between how you treat a lawn in Cleveland versus how you do it in Atlanta, Phoenix, Denver or Seattle,” he says. “We’ve been doing this right here for 13 years. We know our region’s turf, our weed species, and our weather like nobody else.”

Many of EverGreen’s new customers are former customers of the national firms. They switch because of poor service, rarely speaking with the same person twice, getting different answers to the same recurring problems, and constant upselling attempts. But mostly they switch because of a lack of results. “Our customers just want a beautiful lawn without any hassles,” Correy says.

How to Achieve a Gorgeous Lawn
Achieving a beautiful lawn may not be as simple as you think. Different treatment formulas are required under different conditions. “Most applications are a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium—NPK,” Correy explains. “Those are the three numbers you see on the label. For example, 21-2-10. The percentage of each is determined by the season, whether wet, dry, hot or cool. And the ones you buy at the home stores are not the same as the professional-grade products we use.”

Here are a few more of the many variables to a healthy lawn:

• applying the proper treatment at the right time of year
• choosing slow-release versus fast-release
• using the right spreader calibrated to apply the appropriate amount of fertilizer
• pushing the spreader at the proper walking speed—Evergreen uses a machine that is calibrated to apply the appropriate amount of fertilizer

And, most important: enough product.

“Many lawn care companies don’t apply enough product because they’re trying to cut costs,” Correy explains. “But they can’t get the best results that way. They’re just hoping ‘good enough’ is good enough for you.”

To save money, do-it-yourselfers often don’t apply the proper amount of fertilizer either. “What’s so interesting is that if you actually purchase the right amount of product for your lawn, you’ll find it doesn’t cost much more to just let us do it,” Correy adds. “Then you know your lawn is being treated properly and on time—and you don’t have to do it yourself.”

Correy Petz (right), owner of EverGreen Turf Solutions, and his wife, Sarah. The couple live in Medina county where the thriving lawn care company is based.
As a hobby, Correy and Sarah raise chickens that produce eggs of different sizes and colors.

Timing is Everything
Speaking of timing, now is the time to get started. That’s because early spring is when you should apply a “pre-emergent,” that is, crabgrass control.

“You must treat crabgrass before it germinates in the early spring with rising soil temperatures,” Correy says. “If you don’t, you’re going to have crabgrass later in the summer. Keep in mind that the soil warms faster next to driveways and other concrete surfaces, so germination will happen more quickly there. You have to attack it early. We like to get started in March and early April.”

Evergreen Turf offers several affordable packages that include five to six applications per season. They also do aeration, weed treatments, lawn insect control, overseeding and disease control.

All these services are important, but there’s something else just as important…

Evergreen Turf Solutions offers several affordable packages that include five to six applications per season. They also do aeration, weed treatments, lawn insect control, overseeding and disease control.
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Bonus Content: How to Mow Properly
Correy says the single best thing a homeowner can do on their own to help achieve a beautiful lawn is to mow properly. And there three essential rules for that.

“Number one, set your mower height to 4 inches,” he says. “Most people cut their grass way too short and that’s not healthy for Northeast Ohio lawns. Don’t eyeball it. Get a ruler and check the height of your mower.

“Mow regularly: Trying to ‘take off’ too much grass at one time is the #2 biggest mistake we see. Thatch and clumps all over the lawn can lead to fungus, dead spots, and the lawn struggles ‘to breathe.’ Never cut off more than 1/3 of the lawn’s height at one time. Depending on the time of the year, regular mowing varies. In spring, when everything is growing fast and furious, the lawn may need to be mowed twice a week. In summer, you may be able to mow about every ten days.

“Finally, keep your lawn mower blade sharp. A dull blade rips the top of the grass instead of delivering a nice, clean cut. Pluck a blade of grass from your lawn and look at it closely. If it’s brown and shredded at the very tip, your blade is probably dull. Either carefully sharpen it or buy a new one. We’re just part of the equation. A gorgeous lawn is a team effort.”

Headquartered in Valley City, EverGreen Turf Solutions creates lush lawns all over Medina, Summit and Cuyahoga counties. For more information and an instant quote, call 330-662-0123 or visit to request a quote online.

* TruGreen is a trademark of TruGreen Limited Partnership and is not affiliated with EverGreen Turf Solutions.