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"Aids are more sophisticated than ever before and virtually undetectable. It’s heartbreaking to think how many seniors are out there becoming irritable and or depressed because of hearing loss." —Dr. Jane Kukula

Advanced Audiology Concepts offers a range of personal hearing solutions to achieve optimum hearing, along with the training and expertise to fit the best aid to each patient. They work only with top manufacturers, including Phonak, Starkey and Oticon.

One of the newest advances in extended-wear hearing solutions the practice carries is the invisible Lyric aid by Phonak. This aid is perfect for those who need 24/7 hearing, such as seniors who live alone. Lyric is completely invisible, placed deep within the ear canal, four millimeters from the eardrum.

The technology behind Lyric captures and amplifies sound differently than a traditional hearing device. It’s made of a soft, flexible material and works with the ear’s anatomy to provide high-quality sound in both quiet and noisy environments. People love Lyric because it has great sound quality and is completely invisible.

Another significant advancement in technology is the ability to connect aids with smartphones and other devices.

In addition to aids, the practice offers a variety of television and telephone amplifiers and services such as ear cleaning.

New Audiologist on Staff
The Hearing Center has recently welcomed a new audiologist, Dr. Danielle Hoenig.

“Originally from the New York area, Dr. Hoenig is the perfect fit with our patient-centered approach to care,” says Dr. Jane.

Dr. Danielle Hoenig

“Her additional training in pediatrics, as well as experience and strong family values, makes her an asset to our team.”

Dr. Hoenig’s duties mirror Dr. Jane’s. She evaluates patients, makes recommendations for necessary amplification, fits the best aids to each patient and provides follow-up care.

Patient-Centered Care
Dr. Kukula, a doctor of audiology and a board certified audiologist, founded her practice based on patient-centered care. After spending 16 years as an audiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, she became frustrated with the lack of time she could spend with patients.

Spending time with her patients is now a luxury she enjoys alongside Dr. Danielle R. Hoenig. Both Dr. Kukula and Dr. Hoenig explain what each patient’s issues are and the options for achieving the best hearing.

During the consultation process—which takes place in one of two offices equipped with a sound booth—the ladies ask numerous lifestyle questions.

Experts at Protecting Children’s Hearing
The ladies have a special talent for working with children as well as adults.

They go over the auditory milestones babies and toddlers should hit, then perform a special assessment to evaluate a child’s hearing.

In addition to traditional hearing loss, Advanced Audiology Concepts is the only practice in Lake County to work with children with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).

This condition—which often goes undiagnosed in children with learning disabilities—is not the same as hearing loss. It’s actually a problem with the brain retrieving and interpreting the messages sent from the ear.

Dr. Kukula is a recent recipient of the Honors of the Academy Award from the Ohio Academy of Audiology.