The professionals at MDG Flooring America don’t just install beautiful, on-trend flooring, they’ve also made it their mission to create a legacy of trust

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MDG invests in its staff with continuing education and training so you can expect top notch installations. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Ken McEntee

A brief exploration through local social media groups will often deliver countless tales of unreliable and problematic contractors and home improvement vendors.

Scott Powers, vice president of sales for MDG Flooring America, isn’t surprised.

“Unfortunately, trust can be a problem in our business today,” Scott laments. “That’s why we place such a strong emphasis on being reliable, doing the job right and always making sure our customers are happy. As a family-owned business, we understand that our reputation is one of our strongest assets.”

During a recent conversation, Scott frequently referred to MDG’s Values Statement and Core Values, which are conspicuously posted above his desk.

“Every decision we make has to pass the test of our core values,” he insists. “Integrity, meaning being honest and trustworthy, is one of those values.”

Operational excellence is another. That’s why MDG places a relentless emphasis on training.

Part of MDG’s Values Statement is treating others “the way we want to be treated and are active in supporting the communities in which we operate.” Vice President of Sales Scott Powers (far left) says, “Our dedication to supporting the community is illustrated by our perpetual fundraising and charity events.”

“We continually send our highly qualified installers to classes—even the ones who have been with us for more than 20 years,” Scott reveals. “They already know what they’re doing—I’ll put our installers up against anybody in the business—but we insist on investing the time for additional training. For example, we recently sent all of our carpet guys to a two-day class on seaming carpet. It never hurts to learn more, and top-quality installation is one area where we really stand out from many other flooring stores.”

That’s why, among nightmare vendors who are outed on social media, MDG continues to ring up referrals, Scott says.

“I was just talking with a guy who was referred by a ton of people on a certain [social media] page,” he says. “Those people who suggested us were his neighbors—people he knows and trusts. He said, ‘If you guys have such a good reputation in the community, I figured I’ll give you a shot.’”

Kiba Studios, located in MDG Flooring America, carries bath and kitchen renovation products.

For more than 20 years, loyal customers have given MDG a shot, then returned whenever they needed to replace or upgrade their carpeting, hardwood, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and other flooring options.

“We built our company on the concept of handling things and minimizing problems,” Scott says. “Everybody is going to have an issue now and then. We’re all human beings. A reputable company differentiates itself by how they deal with those issues. If there is something wrong, we make it right and we make sure that the customer is completely satisfied. We understand that a customer who isn’t satisfied probably is going to call somebody else next time.”

Part of MDG’s Values Statement is treating others “the way we want to be treated and are active in supporting the communities in which we operate.”

For MDG Flooring America, staying current on flooring trends is key. That’s why even seasoned installers attend regular continuing education classes.

The company’s dedication to supporting its community is illustrated by its perpetual fundraising and charity events, Scott explains. Presently MDG is offering a 10% discount to customers who bring in pet supplies to benefit the Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). During other times of the year, the company offers similar discounts for donations of toys, coats, school supplies and other items.

“People are free to bring in their donations even if they aren’t looking to buy flooring,” Scott says. “But if they do need something, we will reward their generosity with a discount.”

MDG and Kiba Studios 5,000 square-foot showroom is located on Pearl Road in Medina.

Making that difference in the community is another of MDG’s Core Values. The full list includes:

Family – We care for our team members and treat them like family.
Legacy – We give back and make a difference in the communities in which we operate. We continue to build upon our strong quality, brand and reputation.
Operational excellence – We make daily continuous improvements, hold each other accountable and are results-oriented.
Open communication – We communicate openly and actively listen to one another.
Resourceful – We provide proactive solutions to problems and empower our team to make decisions.
Integrity – We are honest and trustworthy people.
Next level service – We provide excellent customer service to our customers and team and lead by example in all we do.
Growth – We have a positive mindset, work hard and are focused on growth.

“When you upgrade your floors, you’re making a wise investment in your home while giving yourself the benefit of beautifying your living space,” Scott insists.

“We partner with you by offering quality products with certain standards as far as thickness, durability and solid warranty. We carry the leading brands, and, because we’re a part of the Flooring America buying cooperative, we leverage our buying power to get exceptional prices, which we pass along to our customers.”

You can peruse MDG’s complete inventory of flooring products, as well as Kiba Studios kitchen and bath renovation products, by visiting the showroom at 3812 Pearl Road, Suite C, in Medina. You can find more information by visiting, or check out the latest news on Facebook @MDGFlooringAmerica. You can call the store at 330-725-5252.