Take Back the Garage

Encore Before

By Mike Padden, Encore Garage Ohio

"We wish we did this years ago.”

I hear that from most customers after we’ve transformed their garage from a junk pile to an inviting and organized space.

Trust me, there’s nothing more uplifting than purging with purpose. It’s the clutter in your life that could be weighing you down. Think about it, the first thing you see when coming home and the last thing when leaving is your garage.

Is it working for you?


Does it put you in a good frame of mind to conquer your days and nights? Or do you mindlessly shuffle past piles of junk, old bikes, dusty golf clubs and tools you can’t identify. This list goes on and on.

Purging with purpose is easier than it seems. Block off an hour or two and make three piles in your driveway, what to toss, donate and keep. Then give us a call. We handle every aspect of floor-to-ceiling garage transformation, from Flexcore polyaspartic floor coating to organizational systems, cabinetry and even painting and lighting.

Don’t you want a garage that’s the envy of all the neighbors? May is the perfect month to take a deep, cleansing breath and declutter your garage and your life.

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