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Here’s why socialization is so important to the health and well-being of our seniors

Since the phrase “social distancing” entered the vernacular in 2020, much research has been done to determine its effects. It turns out the virus itself has not been the only cause of illness. So has our isolation, which has resulted in dramatically increased rates of many diseases. But isolation is nothing new to scientists studying...

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At The Belvedere By Heritage Retirement Communities, residents’ needs are met wherever their journey requires with a hefty dose of care and support

Older adults looking for a place to call home, where their physical and emotional needs are well cared for, will find a warm welcome at The Belvedere By Heritage Retirement Communities in Westlake. Tucked back into a lush, wooded landscape on bustling Detroit Road, the Tudor-style brick buildings and surrounding courtyards are surprisingly...

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Investing in the future and getting connected with Proper Access

Getting in on the ground floor of a new venture can be exciting. Wouldn’t we all have loved to have been a part of the Microsoft launch? Or Amazon? Or any of the investment opportunities that have passed us by only to watch others cash in? Sean O’Brien I can’t promise to make you rich, but what I can promise is that you’ll be a...

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Filling the niche between selling a home by owner and using a traditional real estate company, Exactly was founded in 2018 to provide homeowners a better way to sell their homes

Though the price of everything from pumpkins and clams to cars and appliances has gone up this fall, one local company has kept its prices the same as the day it was founded. “The price of everything has increased, but we are still maintaining our flat-rate fee structure, which helps our clients save money,” says Aaron Peterson, one of...

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Angels with wings: During this year’s Butterfly Gala, crucial funds were raised to continue to help those impacted by cancer

It’s been said that butterflies are nature’s angels. And at last month’s Butterfly Gala, everyone in attendance was there helping others. Whether supporting someone going through a cancer journey or in memory of a family member, 400 strong were there to raise funds for Stewart’s Caring Place. In its 19th year, the Butterfly Gala is...

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