Skin Care Solutions Elite Medispa continues to lead the area on offering the most advanced techniques for face and body rejuvenation

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Medina native Dr. Dana Morrow Bonezzi has helped build SCS Elite Medispa into a thriving, physician-directed medical spa. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Laura Briedis

Gentle touch. Natural look.

When it comes to facial and body rejuvenation, those are two things people seek out. And that is exactly how Dr. Dana Morrow Bonezzi has helped build Skin Care Solutions Elite Medispa into a thriving, physician-directed medical spa.

“I combine artistry with advanced techniques for the most natural enhancement of facial features,” says Dr. Bonezzi.

More than just getting rid of “elevens” between your eyes and “parenthesis” around your mouth, there is an art to using injectables and fillers to bring out your best features. “It’s all about balancing the facial features to get the most natural results,” she says

A hometown girl, Dr. Bonezzi grew up in Medina and married her high school sweetheart from Highland Medina. A familiar face around town, she participated in theater and choir and did a stint in modeling before going to medical school and earning diplomas from Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine and The Ohio State University.

Now she shares time between her concierge internal medicine practice and the three SCS Elite Medispa offices in Medina, Wooster and Green, where she works with Drs. Debra Fast and Kathleen Fearon.

“Due to our rapid growth, we are expanding the Medina office this fall, which is located just a couple blocks from the square above VCS Salon & Spa,” says Dr. Bonezzi.

“In addition to doubling our space, we now carry physician-grade skincare products and offer more physician-directed cosmetic services, such as microneedling, dermaplaning and advanced facials.”

The Medina SCS Elite Medispa office is doubling its size and is offering new physician-directed cosmetic services, such as microneedling, dermaplaning and advanced facials.

“These medical-grade facials are more corrective and use active ingredients in the products that are not available over the counter,” she adds. “We get into the lower levels of your skin to actually change your cellular structure and get real results.”

Liquid Facelift
Over the past couple of years, the Liquid Facelift has been one of the most requested services and one that Dr. Bonezzi specializes in.

“The non-invasive Liquid Facelift can take 10 years off,” Dr. Bonezzi says confidently.

And she should know. As a master injector, she has done thousands of procedures using injectables and fillers for 15-plus years.

“I am known for my specialty of combining derma fillers and Botox for natural facial rejuvenation,” she says. “I put fillers along the cheekbone to lift and inject down in the jowl area. Unlike an overly tight look like you see with some surgical facelifts, this 30-minute procedure results in a very natural appearance.”

Dr. Bonezzi stresses the importance of following a proper skincare regimen after the procedure. “We recommend always using sunscreen and corrective skincare products at home,” she says.

Liposuction in a Syringe
An FDA-approved procedure to get rid of double chins, Dr. Bonezzi is well versed in Kybella, which has been coined as “liposuction in a syringe.” Injected into targeted areas, it destroys fat cells. “Kybella is identical to the deoxycholic acid your body naturally produces,” she explains. “It aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat.”

“We were one of the first to roll out Kybella,” she adds.

Always on the cutting edge, Dr. Bonezzi also is using Kybella in other areas like the jowl and bra fat, and is also combining Kybella and CoolSculpting for permanent fat reduction on the body.

“Brotox” for Men
One of the fastest emerging markets for injectables and fillers is men.

“The number of men seeking facial rejuvenation is growing exponentially because we can restore youthful volume in a masculine way,” says Dr. Bonezzi. “We use filler in the front cheek and nasolabial folds to give men a more youthful look. And we also can do preventative treatments with Botox so they do not develop lines on their forehead and between the eyebrows.”

The office décor in the expanded Medina office is transitioning to a cleaner, more streamlined look that is welcoming to both men and women and provides a tranquil environment.

“More and more clients are coming in for aesthetic services at a younger age as a preventative treatment instead of waiting until they get wrinkles and saggy skin,” comments Dr. Bonezzi, noting her patients range as young as 20-year-olds to those in their 80s.

Skin Care Solutions Elite Medispa now carries Obagi and IMAGE Physician-Grade Skincare lines.

“With the number of non-surgical skin care procedures increasing and the number of surgical cosmetic procedures shrinking nationally, our business is evolving and in the near future we will be introducing more non-invasive skin tightening techniques and the use of growth factors.”

Skin Care Solutions Elite Medispa has three offices: 410 S. Court Street in Medina, 330-636-1608; 3727 Friendsville Road in Wooster, 330-465-0670; and 3705 Massillon Road in Green, 330-933-6493. You can find out more, including hours for each location, at, or find Skin Care Solutions on Facebook.