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Here’s how Mentor’s Center for Advanced Vein Care can help you improve your life—by improving your legs

Each summer, most of us intend to be active, including hiking, walking on the beach, and keeping up with our kids or grandkids at Cedar Point. But by summer’s end, many of us discover that we’ve fallen short of our goals, often due to leg pain and fatigue. We didn’t have the active summer we planned. Instead of walking on the beach, we sat...

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A Final Thought: Tree's Big Adventure

One day in mid-summer Tree was speaking with Cicada. “It is getting late,” Tree said. “When will you begin your adventure?” “I am having my adventure now,” Cicada replied. “I sing and I fall in love.” “But you have wings!” said Tree. “You could fly anywhere in the world while I am stuck here with my roots in the...

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Although the market is cooling, the team at BOLD Real Estate Consultants can help you get top dollar for your home

If you ask the team at Bold Real Estate Consultants to describe the local housing market right now, their answer sounds a bit like the lyrics of a rock ‘n’ roll song: “It’s cool, but it’s red hot.” “The market is beginning to cool, but there is still plenty of activity,” explains Bold consultant Sajag Patel. “For...

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Authentic French dining in the heart of Medina at Sérénité

Brandon Chrostowski is younger than his graying hair suggests and he’s tall, with a fast, high-energy personality that may very well keep him thin forever. He jogs up and down the narrow stairwells at both of his Cleveland-area French restaurants and is forced to duck his head to avoid striking the low ceilings in the tiny transition...

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A Final Thought: Father's Day

When I was a kid, my father taught me how to clean a fish and shuck an oyster, how to sharpen a pocketknife and a lawnmower blade, and how to change the oil in a Buick. He taught me how to throw a football in a perfect spiral and smoke a pork butt using hickory nuts. On Father’s Day, we celebrated him with new socks and underwear (he...

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