Ohio State Senator Jerry Cirino knew he needed to make a life change, and here’s how the team at MaxStrength Fitness got him back into the swing of things

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MaxStrength’s twice-weekly, 20-minute workouts are intense—triggering adaptive change in muscles by pushing them to the point of failure, and then allowing them time to fully rebuild between workouts—and make a perfect fit for busy people like Jerry Cirino (right). He’s pictured with Jeff Tomaszewski, the mastermind of MaxStrength Fitness.(Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

Eighty percent of Americans don’t get the recommended amount of exercise.

This leads to a cascade effect of worsening negative circumstances, from a compromised immune system that leads to chronic illness that leads to a below-average—and shortened—quality of life.

We all know we’re supposed to exercise. So, what’s stopping us?

Research says the number one reason is people think they don’t have enough time for an exercise program that will make a difference. They’re simply too busy and give up before they start.

Meet Senator Jerry Cirino
Spending his time going back and forth between Columbus and his home in Lake County, Ohio State Senator Jerry Cirino is one of the busiest people you’ll ever meet. He’s constantly on the go, the Energizer Bunny of public servants, drafting legislation and securing funding to improve the quality of life and bring jobs to the 18th district.

“Jerry is the perfect example of an extremely busy executive who is limited on time and has a physical ailment to be careful of,” says MaxStrength Fitness founder Jeff Tomaszewski.

This dedicated mover and shaker’s resume is a lengthy one. Prior to being elected to the senate in 2020, he served as Lake County Commissioner, sits on several boards locally and was also a successful entrepreneur and CEO.

Two years ago, when he was out raising campaign funds, an acquaintance couldn’t stop raving about his results from working out at MaxStrength.

“What made the program so inviting to me was that it only required two 20-minute workouts per week,” says Senator Cirino. “And since they keep the studio temperatures chilly, these are no-sweat workouts. There’s no shower required. That’s a game-changer for me. I can pop in during a lunch hour when I’m in town, or morning before work. It’s an ideal fit.”

Jerry describes the workouts as “very challenging” and says his muscles feel exhausted yet energized after them.

“The one-on-one training protocol, with different trainers each visit helps push me much harder than I would on my own,” he says. “They have a high level of professionalism and are intent on achieving the proper form and resistance to produce results.”

Overcoming Injury
Senator Cirino says a torn rotator cuff that was diagnosed years ago forced him to stop playing tennis, a sport he had loved.

“One of my goals in coming to MaxStrength was to strengthen the shoulder as it recovered,” he says. “Working with Jeff, the customized movements were designed to strengthen the arm without stressing the injury. He explained to me how strong muscle supports the bones and joints. Now I’m back to playing doubles tennis without pain. At 71, I plan to continue this consistent course of staying fit and preventing injury as I age.”

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