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Now is one of the best times to visit Floorz to replace your winter-worn flooring

There’s a good time and a great time to replace your flooring. A good time is any time of the year, if you pay a visit to Brian Erickson’s Floorz. But a great time is during the spring or fall, when Floorz hosts the bi-annual Karastan flooring sale and offers rebates of up to $1,000. If you opt for Karastan padding beneath your luxury...

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Sometimes your marital status matters

For some people, titles matter. Mom, Dad and even Mr. or Mrs. differentiate a person in the eyes of the world. But for others, the idea of claiming a title holds less significance, and they’re content to live without the formality. However, says attorney Linda Nabors, who works with her husband, Jay, at Nabors & Nabors Ltd., the...

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Next-level microneedling at Dr. Laurel's PRP Bar

Given the choice, nobody is really going to opt for surgery over a non-invasive procedure to look younger. With the introduction of Vivace RF fractional microneedling to her practice, Dr. Laurel Matthews, of Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar, once again widens the gap between age-defying surgical procedures and those that offer remarkable results in...

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Neubert Painting is helping customers revive their kitchens for less

Barbara Kroll and her husband found a home they loved in Broadview Heights’ Macintosh Farms. Although the location topped their list of choices, they were less than thrilled with the interior of the home they purchased two years ago. As seniors on a budget with an eye for sensational home décor, the Krolls tapped into the expertise of...

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Chillin' with Zinn: Time for your A/C tune-up

If you’re like me, the idea of an air conditioning tune-up falls under the category of, “I need to do, what?” “Just like your car needs a regular oil change, your air conditioning unit should get a tune-up every year to keep it running at an optimum level,” says Randy Zinn Sr., who, along with his wife, Colleen, is the...

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