Meet the Artist: Mark Langan, Langan Art

Mark Langan
Corrugated cardboard revisited.

By Kelli Comer

The next time you start to toss out your used cardboard boxes, consider giving them a second glance. Local artist Mark Langan found his vision in corrugated cardboard, a distinctive and interesting medium resulting in a uniquely beautiful finished masterpiece.

“As an artist who has worked with a majority of mediums throughout my life, I find corrugated boxes and paper a very responsive product,” Mark notes.

“It is a green, eco-friendly material that comes into the fold of every person around the globe on a day-to-day basis.”

Mark is a self-taught artist who has been creating art with different mediums for as long as he can remember. Hailing from a family with many artists, Mark’s corrugated cardboard masterpieces are his passion and he’s devoted to being the best he can be with such an unexpected material source.

“I have created many logo pieces for clients that allow them to visually showcase their branding strategy toward social standing, with regard to sustainability and eco friendliness,” says Mark.

“I realize these are buzz words today, but this is a novel way to emphasize their strategies. In many cases, I’m using their very product by incorporating it directly into the art.”

Mark’s work can be found for sale on his website, The pieces shown there were created in his downtime and displayed at eco-friendly events throughout the year, notably NASA and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s America Recycles Day, Beachwood’s Green Dream event and at The Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

“Most of my sales come from commissions I receive for specific pieces. Often those are logo recreations in the medium,” Mark explains.

“I just created six artworks for International Paper in Memphis and had direct involvement in getting my work in front of CEO Mark Sutton and his personal secretary. The Chairman Awards I created were handed out by him at their big annual conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.”

Mark’s work has been published in several books and magazines worldwide. A quick Google search brings up several results for one to see just how wide the scope of his work extends.

“As Andy Warhol was known for his Campbell’s Soup creations, I want to be known as ‘that box recycling guy,’” smiles Mark.

To reach Mark, email him at or call 330-273-5290. Mark works primarily on commission, and you can inquire about his availability by email. Visit to learn more about the artist and his work and see what’s available for purchase. Find Mark on Twitter @corrug8, on Instagram @LanganArt, and on YouTube at LanganArt.

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