Meet the Artist: Lari Jacobson

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Lari Jacobson

By Kelli Comer

Local painter Lari Jacobson likes being presented with a challenge. Inspiration comes to her in many forms, from her walks in nature observing her surroundings to whatever requests her clients dream up for her to bring to life. Her work isn’t one specific subject or theme, but an ever-evolving creation.

“I draw inspiration from my clients who all want unique projects, whether murals on their walls or ceilings, or painted furniture, or on canvas,” says Lari.

“They all bring distinct perspectives and desires, and I enjoy working closely with them to interpret their vision creating one-of-a-kind, custom pieces.”

For her own paintings and personal creations, Lari puts an emphasis on nature, drawing from real life. She is continually trying to challenge herself.

With a penchant for art running deep in her bones, Lari studied the subject at Miami University, Boston University and the New York Studio School.

She has exceptional decorative painting expertise from her role as head designer for the Frederick Cooper Lamp Company of Chicago. As a classically trained artist, Lari’s work is historically decorative and uses classical techniques, such a trompe l’oiel, Asian and Italian influences. “While others use words, I use my eyes, my hands and a brush to interpret the world,” Lari explains.

Lari has enjoyed a career of painting professionally, full-time for 30 years. “I feel fortunate to be able to do what I love for my career. I wake each day inspired to work on many projects or just one,” she smiles.

“Whether it’s my own work or a mural for a family, corporate or non-profit client, I’m equally inspired, each moment and day. The fact that it’s my career is the icing on the cake.”

To reach Lari, you can email her at For more information, visit Lari on Houzz, You can find her work for sale locally at Heights Arts in Cleveland Heights. To shop online, visit Lari's Made Cleveland page. You can follow Lari on Instagram @LariJArt.

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