Maverick Insurance kicks the traditional coverage model to the curb and takes personal service to the next level

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Maverick Insurance offers coverage for home, auto, life, pet, motorcycle and more. Call the office or go online to get a quote and see how much you can save. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mary Malik

Scott Andrew Mills, owner of Maverick Insurance, wants to change the way you feel about insurance. Instead of just the word alone inducing stress with the anticipation of long waits on the phone only to talk to a stranger, Scott offers a personal experience. His goal is to guarantee clients will enjoy the best service and complete protection of everything important in their life.

“I’m an old-school, sit-at-the-kitchen-table, let’s-talk-face-to-face kind of guy,” Scott says. “You won’t just fill out a form online or have a quick phone chat. This is a personal business. Let’s meet and discuss your needs, then keep in touch however works best for you, but there’s nothing like that initial eye-to-eye contact to start what I hope will be a lifelong relationship.”

Scott started his career with a vehicle leasing and equipment financing company with his wife, transitioned to banking, then started Maverick Insurance in 2012.

“I love this business and wanted to serve clients with the type of personal care and attention everyone deserves,” Scott says.

Scott Andrew Mills and Alyssa Kleve are the names and faces behind Maverick Insurance—a full-service company that places an emphasis on delivering a better insurance experience.

That personal care includes the same person answering the phone when you call. At Maverick Insurance, that person is office manager Alyssa Kleve.

“People ask why use Maverick and the quick answer is we do all the work for you,” Alyssa says. “We work with several different insurance companies that we know and trust. We take your specific needs and find you the best coverage based on those needs for the most competitive price.”

Scott and Alyssa say that because insurance isn’t something most people like to think about until they need it, people can get stuck with the same company for years. When something happens, they find out they didn’t have enough coverage, the right coverage, or any coverage at all.

“I learned something very early in this business to make it a point to call people back,” Scott says. “We hear all the time that clients couldn’t get someone on the phone at their insurance company. They had questions or concerns that were never addressed. I’ve made it my mission that no one will ever say that about Maverick Insurance. This is a personal business. We take care of you and everything that’s important to you.”

And in Scott’s business, taking care of you means reviewing your plans often and making sure you have the right coverage.

“There are three things in life we can’t control,” Scott says. “I call them the three Ms—marriage, moving and mortality. Ok, it’s 50/50 with marriage and moving, but you get the idea. When things happen, it’s stressful or even thrilling, but the last thing you want to think about is insurance coverage. That’s my job and I’m very good at it.”

So much so that Maverick has over a 90% retention rate and gets most clients through referrals.

“I love to help,” Scott says. “I volunteer at my church, Rotary, and other civic and non-profit organizations. Service and personal attention are how I built this business, and the little things make the difference.”

Maverick Insurance offers a handbook that educates people on maintenance schedules for the home, recording possessions in case of loss, vacation insurance, deductibles, helpful tips and contact information.

“We’re advisors on everything that’s important in your life,” Scott says. “Give us a call and let’s talk about how to keep it all safe.”

Maverick Insurance is located at 5883 Wilson Mills Road in Highland Heights. For more information call 440-895-5200, email Scott at or check the website