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Get 18% off your entire power washing order from the exceptionally talented group of home beautification experts at Perfect Power Wash

With the exception of playing a full 18 holes on a Saturday and visiting the 19th afterward, one of my life’s greatest pleasures is getting a great deal on something I need. The folks at the men’s clothing stores know me by name, and unless I need a new pair of cufflinks for an upcoming event, I absolutely love shopping during clearance...

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Mars Electric Lighting Center can take an ordinary room and make it high voltage

What does your dream house look like? Does it include a chef’s kitchen, luxurious bathrooms, maybe an outdoor entertainment area? Whether you’re planning your perfect home or already living there, the lighting you choose can take any project from drab to dreamy. The staff at Mars Electric Lighting Center in Mentor has been providing...

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Look for Remarkable events happening all over Lake County

With the dog days of summer making their way to Northeast Ohio this month, thousands are flocking to Lake County to enjoy the myriad of open-air festivals, wine celebrations, barbecues and Broadway-worthy musicals. “This summer of momentous events is perfectly underscored by our Remarkable Lake County, OH, marketing campaign,” says...

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Every day, hundreds of homeowners across Northeast Ohio turn to Perfect Power Wash to beautify and maintain their home

There’s nothing like the feeling of pulling in the driveway at the end of a long day and relishing in the joy of spending time with family. That joyous feeling increases exponentially at the end of your work week, knowing that, at least for a few short days, you’ve got some well-deserved leisure time. For some of us, that might...

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The Guhde family showcases its talent inside the Lake County YMCA Dream House

Dating back to the 1950s, from one generation to the next, each member of the Guhde family has played a part in the success of Guhde Flooring America. At the roots of this family tree is grandfather Donald Guhde. He liked to take his little boy Michael along to jobs with him, helping with the measuring, and teaching him to always shake...

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