If you’re ready to change your career path and dive into a rewarding work life, the MAP program at Ursuline College may be the right fit

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While students can complete the MAP program in one-year, Ursuline College now offers a two-year part-time option as well. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

For anyone who is feeling stuck in their career, wishing they had gone into teaching instead, the Ursuline College Master Apprenticeship Program (MAP) is your professional pivot back to a rewarding work life.

With the theme “One Year to a New Career,” this intensive program immerses grad students in courses at Ursuline over the summer, and into the classroom during the school year. At the conclusion of the year, they graduate with a Master of Arts degree and are eligible for state licensure.

Rewarding Jobs Await Grads

When they graduate, it’s likely they’ll find a rewarding job. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that kindergarten and elementary employment will grow by 7% between 2016 and 2026, and middle school and high school employment is expected to grow by 8% over those years.

Each year about 25 students go through the MAP program, taking foundational coursework over a 10-week summer session at Ursuline. Then they study in the classroom during the fall and spring semesters for three-and-a-half days a week and taking classes at Ursuline Wednesday afternoons and all-day Thursday. Classroom education is under the guidance of a mentor/teacher. Licensure is available for Primary Pre-K- 5th grade, Middle 4th-9th grade, Adolescence 7th-12th grade, Special Education (Intervention Specialist Mild/Moderate Educational Needs) K-12th grade and Multi Age Visual Arts Pre-K-12th grade.

And new this year, to fit with busy professional schedules, the college is offering a two-year, part-time option for students to take classes and student teaching spread over a two-year timespan.

Meet Gabby Grier-Jones
There are many success stories of MAP grads who are following their dream career path thanks this program. Gabby Grier-Jones is one of them. This May 2022 grad says the MAP Program removed any of the barriers she experienced to advance her career. She was working as an office assistant at Beachwood schools and advising students in the culinary program when she found out about MAP.

“I had my undergrad degree in organizational leadership from the University of Cincinnati and was starting a master’s degree in adult education at a different university but didn’t feel like it was a good fit for me,” she says. “With Ursuline being a smaller program, I felt connected, supported and valued by the administration right away. The courses were manageable. It wasn’t difficult to stay on track. My mentor and peers in the program were amazing and I still keep in touch with them. I felt immersed in the classroom and enriched by learning a variety of different teaching techniques.”

Gabby earned her licensure for teaching Pre-K to 5th graders, and also got an additional license to coach the girls lacrosse team at Beachwood High School.

Kevin Houchins is Director of Equity and Community Engagement at Beachwood City Schools.

Kevin Houchins is Director of Equity and Community Engagement at Beachwood City Schools where Gabby did her student teaching.

“We see this program as a way to bridge the gap for people between an undergrad degree and master’s degree with licensure,” he says. “Gabby is the perfect example of someone who had the passion for teaching and working with youth, but just needed direction.”

Are you interested in finding out more? Schedule an informational chat online with Marc Gray Jr., EdD, Director of the Education Department and MAP Program.

Find out more about the MAP program and apply online. The program kicks off next May and runs through the following spring. Ursuline College is located at 2550 Lander Road, in Pepper Pike. The school also offers several master’s degrees for teachers who wish to become administrators, principals or superintendents. Call 440-646-8146 or visit Ursuline.edu/map.