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MDG Flooring America isn’t just a family-owned business; it’s a premium, customer-service enclave where expertise and service thrive

Home builders want to work with reliable vendors who do the job right, says Scott Powers, a former contractor. “It’s pretty simple,” Scott explains. “You want things done right, at a reasonable price, and you don’t want to have service calls. So, the quality of installation is probably the most important thing you’re looking for as...

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Daveron Design + Build By Daveron Builders provides unprecedented access to top designers and fine craftsmanship

In the midst of moving into its fabulous 5,000-square foot building on High Street in Fairport Harbor, the darling designers of Daveron Design + Build are letting their imaginations run a little wild. The team at Daveron Builders is transforming the space from a tired 1970s look, into an ultra-chic design showroom. Feathering Their NestFor...

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Acclaim Renovations & Design specializes in stunning workmanship and custom accents designed to set your home apart

It might have taken Michelangelo four years to paint the Sistine Chapel, but the magnificent frescoes he painstakingly created have held up remarkably well over the past five centuries. In the modern renovation trades, perfectly setting tile is a talent that also requires meticulous attention to detail. It takes time and it’s physically...

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The craftsmen at Neubert Painting can make old wood cabinets look like new again

Two years ago, a kitchen remodel set me back a budget-sapping forty grand. About half of that drain on my bank account was attributed to the cabinets. I opted for a lovely painted white to replace the outdated 1962 versions that were falling apart. But not everyone needs to sink their savings into replacing cabinetry like I did. Most people with...

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The raised S-curve: Not all micro-mesh gutter covers are the same

Designing and manufacturing a high-performance gutter guard is a balancing act between two essential goals: the system must 1) keep out debris and 2) maintain water flow. Too much of one can be a detriment to the other. With The Gutter Boys’ exclusive Valor Gutter Guard System, the unique raised S-curve feature is the secret to achieving a...

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