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Here’s how years of experience and a dedication to ongoing training and equipment upgrades gives Pristine Clean a level of professionalism all its own

If you’ve noticed an increase in the number of power washing companies sticking signs in the ground at busy intersections, you’re right. The industry has a low “barrier to entry,” meaning all you need to get started is a power washer and a vehicle to haul it in. But for a professional power washing company, there is much more to it...

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It shouldn’t be difficult to shop for new windows or bathrooms, and Window Depot and Bath Depot created the ultimate showroom experience

In an increasingly virtual and digital world, people are craving real experiences, the ability to see and feel and interact with their surroundings. “If our customers’ behavior is telling us anything it’s that they love a real showroom experience,” says Tony Hoty, owner of Window Depot and Bath Depot in Westlake. “When we moved here...

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Energy savings might be as easy as changing the direction of your ceiling fan

The new heightened energy efficiency and refrigerant requirements by the Department of Energy that went into effect this year are making the HVAC industry take steps toward sustainability. “The new SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) requirement is changing on all new equipment manufactured after January 1, 2023,” says Mark Staron II,...

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Maybe it’s time to have a trained professional take a look at your trees

Summer has landed, and it’s bloom or bust for your yard’s trees. By now, most trees have leafed out, and any tree that hasn’t is a strong indication that it’s dead, diseased or distressed. Whatever the case, it’s time for a diagnosis from the trained eye of a professional tree care service. In and around Medina County, the...

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Master your closet, improve your life

It’s the first place you visit in the morning and the last at night. Is your master closet a haven of precise organization to set you in the right mood? Or a cluttered, chaotic mess that adds stress to your life? Since 1982, the designers at Closets by Design have helped homeowners make sense of their belongings with innovative products...

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