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Every major brand of appliance is well within the wheelhouse of Home Appliance Sales & Service

Over 50 years ago, Home Appliance Sales & Service began as a service only company. They rapidly developed a reputation for commitment to excellent customer experience. According to Shaun Vahl, service manager, “The secret sauce in the appliance repair business is having the right personnel with a well-run, highly ethical company behind...

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Acclaim Renovations & Design owner Bob Gallese is planning his own kitchen remodel

This is the last in a year-long series of stories covering the home remodeling business in Northeast Ohio. Working with Bob Gallese, owner of Acclaim Renovations & Design, we’ve covered everything from trends in kitchen design to how he brings clients onboard with a phone app that allows 24/7 access. This month, we’re turning the...

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Guhde’s 2020 software brings possibilities to life with 3D shopping

If you are among the 96 percent of Americans who do all of their holiday shopping online, by now you’ve probably already loaded up your sleigh of virtual carts with gifts for family and friends and clicked “checkout.” So, now is the perfect time to enjoy an immersive shopping experience that’s all about you. Instead of staring at...

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Perfect Power Wash is ready to meet the demand of all homeowners in Northeast Ohio to protect their driveways

With winter right around the corner, there are a myriad of tasks every homeowner should perform. Last weekend, we should have all changed our smoke alarm batteries along with our furnace filter with the time change. If you’ve got a chimney in your home, it’s time to close the damper and shut the flue, except for when you’re relaxing by the...

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Now more than ever before, people are scoring high-end home furnishings and decor finds by shopping upscale consignment at Westlake's Consign Home Couture

Consign Home Couture—a haven for high-end furniture and luxurious home décor—is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this month in signature style. “Many of our loyal shoppers drive from miles away and always comment on the vast changes in inventory each week. Certainly the saying ‘Miss a day, miss a lot’ applies...

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