Here’s how you can live a more empowered existence

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Through three programs—the Two-Week Detox, Six-Week Self Discovery and 90-Day Transformation—Healthy Attractions owner Heather Kuchar collaborates with people to set up a step-by-step action plan customized to their wellness goals. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

Certified Life Coach Heather Kuchar helps clients make the mind-body connection by creating transformational plans to rise to the best possible version of themselves.

After founding Healthy Attractions wellness studio in 2018, she has coached countless men and women to identify, evaluate and change their habits and beliefs for a more empowered existence.

“To get what you want in life, you have to believe you deserve it,” says Heather. Our belief system contributes to our reality, so imagine what you could achieve if you learned to release limiting beliefs that creep into your psyche.”

Through three programs—the Two-Week Detox, Six-Week Self Discovery and 90-Day Transformation—she collaborates with people to set up a step-by-step action plan customized to their wellness goals. As part of any program, clients enjoy unlimited yoga and guided meditation sessions in Heather’s gorgeous, Zen-like yoga studio.

Harnessing the Power
Meditation is one of the wellness tools Heather believes in strongly.

“It has powerful consequences and health benefits,” she explains. “Studies have shown meditation can enhance awareness and concentration, decrease pain and lower blood pressure.”

Heather offers guided meditation to get you started, as well as 30-minute breathwork sessions.

“Being able to quiet a busy mind and focus on the breath is something that affects your body and mind, boosting focus and creativity,” she says. “Lots of highly effective people, from CEOs to celebrities, have adopted meditation.”

Flip the Switch
Heather works with clients to create action steps to eliminate negative habits.

For instance, she has them identify five things they might say to themselves each day to help them to “flip the switch” and turn them into positive affirmations.

“When you act negative, you get negative results,” she says. “Instead of taking a negative stance on how hard it is to stop drinking soda every day, why not take a positive position and focus on how beneficial drinking water is?”

Supplements for Detox
Not satisfied with the supplements she was finding on the market, Heather decided to create her own line of organic supplements.

“Working with doctors, I’ve put together a pure medical grade line of liquid supplements,” she says. “Lots of people outside of my coaching clientele come to me just to buy the supplements, and that’s fine. I’m here to help. I go through an extensive consultation with people to make sure there are no contraindications and to pinpoint areas they’d benefit from before recommending a supplement.”

Right now, the most popular ones are adrenal complex, probiotic, prebiotic, an anti-inflammatory supplement, and a B complex with biotin to fortify hair, skin and nails.

“Women going through perimenopause and menopause can often avoid hormone replacement therapy just by taking the right supplementation,” adds Heather. “I like black currant complex to help regulate hormones. Another favorite is ashwagandha, since it creates calm and healing, as well as stops the uptick in cortisol, a stress hormone that can throw your sugar levels and metabolism out of whack.”

With chronic stress on the rise and the pandemic showing no signs of letting up, why not take control of your wellness by letting Heather guide you along a better path?

Healthy Attractions is located at 2747 Crawfis Boulevard, Suite 205, in Fairlawn. Consultations are free. Hours are Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, call 330-962-8715 or visit