Here’s how Ferrell-Whited Physical Therapy can help free you from distressing symptoms, including urinary incontinence

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Meghan Graf, LPT, and the rest of the physical therapy team at Ferrell-Whited, offer proven solutions to help women manage common ailments that disrupt their lives. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Laura Briedis

A staple in town for more than three decades, Ferrell-Whited Physical Therapy Services is moving one of its Medina locations, previously in the Summa Health Medical Center for the last 10 years, into a new facility this month.

The practice didn’t move far and is now located in the Russell Park building right next door to the old location. This new space will allow its therapists to continue to provide the superb physical therapy care the brand is built around.

“We now have more treatment rooms and the office is much more convenient as patients can park by the front door and walk right in,” says Meghan Graf, LPT who manages the new location. “You don’t have to walk through a large medical center and take an elevator to the third floor to get to our office because we now have ground floor accommodations.”

One of the few therapist-owned clinics in the area, Ferrell-Whited provides a patient-centered, small-town perspective that focuses on one-on-one, hands-on care. It is this private practice atmosphere that Ferrell-Whited has built over 30 years that has catapulted it into a leading medical provider with six locations throughout Northeast Ohio.

The team can provide more personalized care at a more affordable price, compared to large hospital systems. The average hospital physical therapy visit can sometimes cost around two times more than the same treatment at a private practice.

“As a patient, you have a choice to use whichever provider you choose for physical therapy,” says Jason Graf, owner of Ferrell-Whited. “You don’t necessarily have to go to an affiliated hospital, but instead can seek care closer to home. We work closely and communicate with your referring doctor to keep him or her updated on your care.”

The therapists at this location specialize in treating women, but treatment is not limited to females as they also treat men for a variety of issues. The therapists at Ferrell-Whited treat common ailments such as back/neck pain, headaches, vertigo, joint pain, tendonitis, sprains/strains, overuse injuries and offer rehab following surgery.

“There is a huge need for the treatment of women’s health issues in our area,” says Meghan, whose approachable, caring demeanor puts patients at ease.

Meghan Graf is a licensed physical therapist who specializes in treating women’s health concerns.

Among the diagnoses treated at the new women’s health facility are urinary incontinence, painful intercourse, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome, urinary frequency/urgency and low back pain.

“Many women don’t realize there is help for these problems or even that this type of therapy exists,” says Meghan. “You don’t need to live with pain or leak every time you cough. I hear from so many women who have had a baby that this is ‘just what happens.’ It is not normal, and you don’t have to continue to be inconvenienced.”

For those who suffer from urinary incontinence or have urinary urgency, it does not need to hinder your life and interrupt your sleep. According to Meghan, therapy is helpful 70 to 80 percent of the time when patients are compliant.

“We take a hands-on approach to these problems and can use pelvic floor therapy to help,” she explains. “I always look at the big picture and treat the whole person, as often times there are several issues contributing to the problem. In addition to therapy, we also teach patients how their diet can affect their symptoms and help them retrain their bladder when appropriate. Educating women can be so empowering and helpful for them.”

“We respond to each client’s needs in a relaxed and comfortable setting,” she adds. “We have four private treatment rooms that give patients the necessary privacy and comfort while caring for their personal, sensitive needs. I am a very hands-on therapist, as I feel so much healing happens when you put your hands on a patient.”

Don’t be Embarrassed
Women’s health problems, like urinary incontinence, affect 1-3 women at some point in their life. Many think it is just a normal part of aging—but it is not.

If you have any of the following symptoms, consult with the physical therapists at Ferrell-Whited to put an end to your bladder concerns once and for all.

• Leak urine during a cough, sneeze or physical activity
• Feel a sudden onset of urgency with a trigger, such as putting your hands under running water or a key in the door
• Have urinary frequency, either going to the bathroom every hour throughout the day or looking for the nearest restroom everywhere you go
• Have pressure or pain in your bladder with a feeling like your bladder is still full even after urinating
• Experience a slow or hesitant urinary stream

Ferrell-Whited has been providing life-changing results for many women over the years. “I had a patient who was hesitant to travel because she was always worried about finding a bathroom due to her urinary frequency,” says Meghan. “After a few treatments, she got her life back and was taking long road trips again. Typically, we can address these difficulties in 8-10 sessions, with some women reporting improvement after just 1-2 visits.”

Meghan Graf, LPT, of Ferrell-Whited Physical Therapy, helps women suffering from urinary incontinence strengthen their pelvic floor—and take their lives back.

In addition to Meghan, Licensed Physical Therapist Heather Denman and Physical Therapist Assistant Jenni Stallard staff the new Medina office. The new office also features a gym area with exercise equipment to help patients who require a more active approach to their recovery. The therapists are also well versed in dry needling, cupping and other proven techniques that help patients function better and live pain free.

If there is one thing we learned in 2020 it’s that we need to take care of ourselves, making wellness a top priority. You don’t need to live with pain or let your bladder control your life. Now is a perfect time to get on the road to recovery.

Ferrell-Whited Physical Therapy Services new office is located at 3848 Medina Road, Suite 104, in Medina. Plus, there are five additional offices in Kent, Montrose, Rootstown, Berea and Medina. For an appointment, call 330-952-1882. Ferrell-Whited accommodates patients who need early morning and evening appointments. For more information, visit