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Restore sexual function naturally with the P-shot

Having to plan your sexual activities around the use of a performance aid like Viagra or Cialis can put a damper on things. The P-Shot, available at Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar, changes everything. “Men who have had a good response to drugs that treat erectile dysfunction are perfect candidates for the P-Shot,” says Dr. Laurel Matthews, owner...

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At Ferrell-Whited Physical Therapy, more services and more specialty equipment provide an elevated level of healing

Epitomizing the best of being a locally owned business, Ferrell-Whited Physical Therapy Services is dedicated to giving patients the care they need to get back to doing what they love. The Ferrell-Whited name has been synonymous with physical therapy for three decades, as the expertly trained hands of the therapists elevate healing to another...

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Vivify Wellness at Avenues features a diverse menu of holistic and integrative ways to promote self-care

This year will be remembered for a lot of things. (Seriously, the pandemic is still happening?!?) But one of the more prominent developments is the rise of self-care. People are finally realizing why taking care of themselves matters. And they are seeking out more holistic and integrative ways of doing that. Vivify Wellness at Avenues offers a...

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MaxStrength Fitness can change your life in a way you never imagined

For someone who hadn’t lifted a weight in more than 25 years, Laurie R. knew when she turned 50 last year that it was time to take a proactive approach to her health and find a professional, non-intimidating environment. She read a story in Mimi Magazine about MaxStrength Fitness studio that checked a lot of boxes for her: mirror-free,...

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No matter how you spend your day, part of it is on your feet, keep that spring in your step pain free

If the fourth quarter signifies anything, it’s a mad scramble for families who have met their insurance deductibles to schedule anything and everything medical before December 31. While you’re checking off last-minute physicals, vision and dental appointments, don’t forget about your feet. As the body’s foundation, your only contact to...

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