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Independence, Privacy, Dignity, Choice: These four tenets are at the forefront of resident care at Aberdeen Crossings

There’s always something new and exciting at Aberdeen Crossings Assisted Living in Highland Heights. After a long year of lock-downs and isolation from family due to Covid-19, the residents are back in action, welcoming visitors and busy planning new activities along with Diane Strunak, Senior Living Counselor. “I approach all of the...

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With an affordable dentistry membership plan and the latest technological advancements, Advanced Dentistry is making oral healthcare accessible to all

Now is the time when most employees select their medical insurance plans for the coming year. This year, instead of signing up for the same dental insurance, you may want to check out a novel membership plan offered by a local dentist. When you look at the numbers, you will see that you may actually save money—and at the same time get...

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At LifeSource Health Center, migraines become a thing of the past, guaranteed

LifeSource Health Center addresses migraines and a host of chronic conditions and illnesses by getting to the root of issues rather than just addressing symptoms. Founded this summer by chiropractic physicians Dr. Tim Weeks and Dr. Tim Vierheller, the functional holistic family practice offers a wide array of therapies and services including...

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A yearly mammogram is your best defense against breast cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month, and it seems that everyone knows of someone who has been affected by it. In fact, one out of eight women will develop breast cancer over their lifetime. The good news is, preventive measures can be taken and, if caught early, breast cancer is very treatable. “The single most important thing you can...

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Here’s how you can live a more empowered existence

Certified Life Coach Heather Kuchar helps clients make the mind-body connection by creating transformational plans to rise to the best possible version of themselves. After founding Healthy Attractions wellness studio in 2018, she has coached countless men and women to identify, evaluate and change their habits and beliefs for a more empowered...

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